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War for Cybertron Decepticon's NSA counter- Reflector (aka Refraktor) is here!

If you love the Transformers series you also have to love the great characters.  After all, the Transformers series that captured our imaginations as children wasn't just two big robots smashing each other.  They also had characters the noble Optimus Prime, the evil Megatron, the always scheming Star Scream.  The War for Cybertron captures some of these great Transformers as the cha…

Gift Ideas for Boys Ages 0 - 12

My friends and some of our loyal Keenga Toys customers are always asking me :What should I get for my nephew he’s 3 – or what should I get for my neighbor’s kids their 6. I usually start back with “well what series are they into?” Usually they have no idea and I have to pick something neutral.Sometimes though, even for your own kids, for us “grown ups” to distinguish between “What’s a toy” a…