Obi-Won Kenobi: Star Wars the Black Series

by Hasbro
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On January 29th 2013 Brian Truitt revealed on that Hasbro was going to release 6-inch Star Wars action figures in Fall 2013. This confirmed months of speculations on a new direction for Hasbro's Star Wars action figure toy line. These pieces strike a cord with collectors, children, and fans of all ages.  Each piece is meticulously detailed, some are never re-released but each piece brings to life a certain character from the greatest space story ever told. Speaking about the name, "The Black Series," and the black packaging, Derryl DePriest (Vice President, Global Brand Management at Hasbro, Inc.) stated: "It's one of the main colors of Star Wars all the way back to the beginning, and it's the approach that Lucasfilm has taken with their collector-oriented product line. We're bringing that simplicity and essence and focus on the character now to the toy aisle."

The characters are impressively detailed with various accessories replicating their movie expireince.  All items are direct from Hasbro authorized distributor have not been open and remain in mint condition.  The bulk of these items are going below prices available on other 3rd party platforms.  Whether you are buying this for a child or your own collection these fall into the "must have" category for any Star Wars fan. 

  • 6 Inch Figure
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  • Must have item for any true Star Wars fan 
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