Avengers Marvel Legends Infinity War 6-Inch Action Figures Wave 1

by Hasbro

Marvel Legends Inifinity War Wave 1 is here, the BAF Figure is Thanos (Requiring Iron Man, Captain America, Iron Spider, Proxima Midnight, Taskmaster, Marvel's Songbird, and Serpent Society).  These great figures won't last long as the detail on these figures is really 2nd to none in the Marvel BAF series.  The Infinity war set is a MUST OWN for any serious Marvel fan as the articulation and attention to detail are unparalleled.  Series includes 7 Figures(sold individually)  

Captain America - From the Streets of Brooklyn to the intergalactic stage, Steve Rogers defends justice as Captain America.

Iron Spider - Advanced technology and high-tech gear are signature marks of the web-slinging hero Iron Spider.

Marvel's Songbird - A cacophony of skill and supersonic powers make Melissa Gold the high pitched hero, Songbird.

Serpent Society - The leader of the Serpent Society, Klaus Voorhees uses powerful venom to strike down his enemies.

Proxima Midnight - A lieutenant of the Black Order, Proxima Midnight serves Thanos in his quest for ultimate power.

Taskmaster - An expert of mimicry.  Taskmaster copies the stunts and skills of his opposition to beat them at their own game.  

Iron Man - A sleek suit design and technological upgrades let Tony Stark gear up as the Armored Avenger, Iron Man.

Each figure measures approximately 6 inches in height and contains 1-4 accessories or build a figure pieces .  Likely will not be re-released until just before the movie release so get yours now!