Unicornus Knights Alderac Entertainment Fantasy Board Game

Alderac Entertainment
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Manufacturer Alderac Entertainment Group
Recommended Age 14 and up
Number of Players 2-6
Average Gameplay Time 90 Minutes

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  • Cooperative adventure Game
  • From award-winning designers seiji kanai and kuro
  • Tons of replay with many heroes to play and enemies to challenge
  • Incredible anime art

In a sudden and unprecedented move, Emperor Lionel of leg an I a and his dark forces moved in and conquered the peaceful Kingdom. Only one member of the royal line survived. Princess Cornelia is young, without extensive Knowledge of politics or military tactics, but she has a fire to retake her lands and restore peace to the people. As her Knights, advisors, and more, Your job will be to ensure that princess Cornelia reaches the throne and defeats the evil Emperor Lionel. However, the princess will not always make the wisest decisions as she moves across the map! Can you use your influence and power to clear her path, and ensure the Kingdom is restored? Unicorn us Knights is a cooperative Game for up to 6 players. Take on the roles of heroes who protect the princess using their unique abilities. The map is created randomly each Game, so no two games are the same! And with varying personalities To use for the princess, unicorn us Knights will challenge you and your friends every time!

28 Character Standees
12 Dice
31 Character Cards
24 Event Cards
24 Fate Cards
60 Support Cards
20 Damage Tokens
100 Military Tokens
50 Resource Tokens
27 Location Tiles

Alderac Entertainment Group
Recommended Age:
14 and up
Number of Players:
Average Gameplay Time:
90 Minutes