Decepticon's NSA counter- Reflector (aka Refraktor) is here!

If you love the Transformers series you also have to love the great characters.  After all, the Transformers series that captured our imaginations as children wasn't just two big robots smashing each other.  They also had characters the noble Optimus Prime, the evil Megatron, the always scheming Star Scream.  The War for Cybertron captures some of these great Transformers as the characters add value to the series.  To that end, the Reflector (called Refraktor in some series variations) is sort of the Decepticon's answer to the NSA.  I can never figure out whether to say it singularly or plural with Reflector since technically he's composed of essentially 3 robots - spectro, spyglass, and viewfinder.  The camera version this time also appears like a GoPro to me but either way this War for Cybertron figure is a must have for any big Transformers fan of this series.  I am of course in stock on Reflector here at Keenga Toys and he's for sale , he'll be shipped in our great heavy duty packaging to preserve the Hasbro packaging from the War for Cybertron series so great for display or use. 

Don't forget if it's your first purchase at Keenga Toys you can use "TryKeenga" for an additional 5% off of Reflector (your whole order actually).  I also still have Prowl and Ironhide available (though Ironhide may run out soon) from the War for Cybertron series, plus G1 Skytread for those who somehow still don't have one. 

If you want to see a video review of Rekraktor (I do like to provide some independent reviews) this is a pretty good one I found on YouTube: