No Disappointment. Action Figures Mint at Keenga Toys

Let’s face it nothing sucks worse than a dented action figure. It’s a bit like being invited on a blind date to an expensive restaurant and then being stood up. You wait and wait for that package you ordered from only to find it wasn’t packaged with care. That won’t happen here! Not on my watch! Just call me the Nathan R. Jessup of Toy’s and Packaging.

We have some great in stock Star Wars Black Series, Vintage, Galaxy of Adventures and commemorative Vehicles and all of them come in collector worthy packaging. Everything shipped goes from our store to your door in one of 2 packages:

  • 1.The Manufacturers Original Custom Sized Box (Usually how I ship if someone orders the whole wave)
  • 2.Uline 32ect or 200lbs crush test weight boxes. Uline manufacturers some of the best boxes in the business and really the only “great ones at a great price” (you can get better but its $5-10 per shipping box) and our boxes hold weight test.

And Yes to answer your question we also do own bubble wrap , kraft paper, and know how to use them.

Let’s face it this is also a bonanza time to be a Star Wars Collector, we have in the 2 Most Recent Waves of Black Series 6 Inch Action Figures ready to ship to you , like:

  • Cara Dune from the new Mandalorian live action series to start streaming on the 12th.
  • Crack X-Wing Fighter Pilot Wedge Antilles who was long overdue to return to the Black Series.
  • Maybe you go new Jedi power with Rey (not sure how I feel about her “dumping” BB-8, for D-0 but I’m open to the idea).
  • A super-deal on top condition Sith Troopers from the Rise of Skywalker.
  • And who could possibly be more worth of being #100 the centennial in the black series other than Luke Skywalker (back in stock soon) as he appeared in the Yavin award ceremony.

It’s also just a straight up “GREAT TIME” to be a Vintage Collector. For the past year or so we’ve endured mostly 75% re-release of figures, ok so some like Boba Fett needed to be done. But new figures have come out some of my favorites have included:

Poe Dameron the current top X-Wing Pilot of the Rebel Alliance and roguish follow on to Han Solo, how his story ends in Rise of Skywalker I’m dying to see.

If you “like the classics” none are more classic the nomadic scavengers the Jawa’s or Princess Leia on Yavin , or in-disguise Han Solo as a Stormtrooper they bring you right back to a New Hope and where the adventure began.

Prefer Return of the Jedi, no problem, feel free to bring home Jabba’s Skiff escort Vehicle in old school Kenner Style. But how could you pass up the immortal Gamorrean Gaurds and of course no Vintage collection is complete without a high-quality Yak Face.

Whatever you are looking for hopefully we have it here at Keenga Toys – I can’t guarantee 1 day shipping but I can promise 2-3 day shipping without the disappointment.