ThunderCats Super7 Retro Action Figures arrive at Keenga

Super7 ThunderCats retro Action Figures have arrived here at Keenga Toys.  If your a child of the 1980's we know you were foisting up the Sword of Omens and repeating the Code of Thundera.  It's hard to picture Lion-O without his two best friends Panthro and Cheetra though.  An Engineer and a nobleman Panthro boasts the most physical strength of all the ThunderCats however.  Then there is Cheetra the speedy (cat-inspired) bo-staff wielding physic.  Opposing them in this series is a nasty combo of the devious Slithe with his mutant lackey Jackalman.  Our friends over at Super7 though couldn't have completed this series without Mumm-Ra

The great folks at Super7 have nailed another one with this line of action figures.  These all come mounted on 6 x 9 card backs with fantastic art work.  The accessories involve detailed weapons for each character.  As always when you buy it and get it shipped to you from Keenga Toys it will come in with a crispy great looking card back for display.