Yavin Ceremony Luke Skywalker (Correct Spelling) Black Series 6-Inch Star Wars Action Figure #100

Star Wars
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Recommended Age 4 and up
Movie A New Hope
Manufacturer Hasbro
Character Luke Skywalker
Item Size 6 Inch
Black Series Number 100
Character Family Star Wars
Series The Black Series

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Is anyone more deserving of being #100 in the Black Series , the premiere Star Wars 6 Inch Action Figure line than "The GOAT" Luke Skywalker? , depicted here in Yavin ceremonial attire and adorned with the freedom medal handed to him by Princess Leia, back when the galaxy was "new" this figure just exudes nostalgia. All-new 6-inch Black Series figure assortment featuring exquisite details and decoration, with the quality and realism that Star Wars devotees love. Black Series figures boast exquisite, collector grade deco across multiple points of articulation, and feature classic characters as well as new characters from upcoming Star Wars entertainment.


Yes this is correctly spelled not the misprinted versions.

Recommended Age:
4 and up
A New Hope
Luke Skywalker
Item Size:
6 Inch
Black Series Number:
Character Family:
Star Wars
The Black Series