Darth Vader Tie Fighter Vehicle Star Wars Mission Fleet Stellar Class

Star Wars
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Manufacturer Hasbro
Item Type Vehicle
Action Figure Character Darth Vader
Vehicle Name Tie Fighter
Character Scale 2.5 Inch
Recommended Age 4 and up
Toy Series Mission Fleet
Character Family Star Wars

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"I have him now, what the!", Darth Vader in Star Wars A new Hope. Darth Vader piloted his distinctive experimental TIE fighter above the first Death Star, using its blaster cannons and his uncanny abilities with the Force to blast Rebel starfighters into glittering fragments! This 2 1/2-inch-scale Darth Vader figure features multiple points of articulation and design and detail inspired by Star Wars becoming an initial release of the new mission fleet series a stellar class vehicle and figure set. Ages 4 and up.

Item Type:
Action Figure Character:
Darth Vader
Vehicle Name:
Tie Fighter
Character Scale:
2.5 Inch
Recommended Age:
4 and up
Toy Series:
Mission Fleet
Character Family:
Star Wars