Dani Moonstar Marvel Legends X-Men Series 6-Inch Action Figure Exclusive

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Manufacturer Hasbro
Item Size 6 Inch
Character Family Marvel Universe
Character Dani Moonstar
Recommended Age 4 and up
Rarity Exclusive

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This X-Men Marvel Legends Dani Moonstar Action Figure includes bow and arrow accessories, inspired by the mutant hero's weapon of choice. Also included are 2 alternate character heads and 4 alternate hands, allowing fans to imagine epic scenes with other members of the New Mutants team, Rahne Sinclair (aka Wolfsbane) and Xi'an Coy Manh (aka Karma).

Part of a group of superhuman young mutants, Dani Moonstar, has the power to conjure illusions based on her enemy's deepest fears. The New Mutants are a team of teenaged superheroes who first appeared in the pages of Marvel comics in the early 1980s as a spin-off from the iconic X-Men franchise. This premium quality Dani Moonstar action figure from the Marvel Legends Series makes a great addition to any fan collection. Ages 4 and up.

Item Size:
6 Inch
Character Family:
Marvel Universe
Dani Moonstar
Recommended Age:
4 and up