Lamb Farm World Schleich Realistic Collectible Figure

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Manufacturer Schleich
Character Lamb
Series Farm World
Item Size 2 Inch
Recommended Age 3 and up

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The word "adorable" was probably invented to describe lambs. Super-cute and very realistic, this Farm World Lamb Collectible Figure measures about 2-inches long x 2-inches tall. Order yours before it gambols off! For even more fun, collect and play with all the finely detailed Schleich Farm World playsets and figures. They encourage children to play and learn at the same time! Each sold separately.

Sheep that are not older than one year are referred to as lambs. A few days after birth, their wool begins to grow. They quickly learn to find their way amongst the herd and are smarter than assumed to be. Sheep can distinguish not only the faces of their own species, but also those of humans.

Farm World
Item Size:
2 Inch
Recommended Age:
3 and up