Dromedary (Humpback Camel) Schleich Wild Life Realistic Collectible Figure

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Manufacturer Schleich
Character Dromedary
Series Wildlife
Item Size 4 Inch
Recommended Age 5 and up

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Dromedaries live in the deserts of Africa and Asia. They eat mostly leaves, dry grass and thorny plants. The hump of the mammal isn't used to store water; it stores fat. If they can't find any food in the desert they can live off it for weeks. The dromedary from Schleich Wild Life has eaten well recently and has an upright, well-filled hump.Let your imagination run wild Wild Life Animal figurines from Schleich are painted in wonderful detail, resulting in toys that can be treasured and enjoyed for years to come. The Wild Life series features animals from across the globe, high into the sky, and deep into the sea. Bring playtime to life for ages 5 and up.

Item Size:
4 Inch
Recommended Age:
5 and up